Happy Halloween! 5 not-Halloween Songs

Midnight showing Halloween classic.  Not a Halloween themed song.

From an American classic movie.  A song about a witch being dead.  Not a Halloween song.

Deservedly one of the most highly-acclaimed music videos of all time.  Featuring people turning into monsters.  Not a Halloween song.

Possibly the most famous goth song of all time, about a famous Horror movie actor.  Not a Halloween song.

One of the most memorable parts of Beetlejuice.  Lyrics have nothing to do with Halloween, but it would be a great addition to a Halloween party playlist.  Deserves some love.


Vinyl is here to stay

My girlfriend and I have been re-watching the mid-90s television show Sliders recently and I was very surprised to hear that this clip from when Jerry O’Connell’s character gets into his car in the Pilot episode was part of the show.

The clip, I’m sure, was meant to be comedy, to show that the world he landed in wasn’t quite right, but the radio host spoke about how the final CD was being pressed because vinyl had won the battle.

If curent trends continue, this clip may yet prove to be prophetic, albiet 30 years or so after it appeared in the show.

Happy Back to the Future Day, Everybody!

For my money, any version Chuck Berry ever does of this song will be better than the one Marty McFly does at the Enchantment Under the Sea dance.

I’m so glad Huey Lewis had a sense of humor about using one of his songs in the movie, and not only that, but that he had a cameo in the movie.

And how about the ZZ Top cameo?

Pleased to meet you, Jacob Golden

Yesterday, Noisetrade sent me new music from a singer-songwriter named Jacob Golden, stating that similar artists (read: artists with whom more people are familiar that sound like) were Bon Iver, Elliott Smith, Jose Gonzalez and Jeff Buckley.

In my opinion, Elliott Smith has a much prettier voice, but Jacob Golden definitely fits in somewhere between Jose Gonzalez and Bon Iver.  I’ve yet to listen to all the tracks, but there is potential there for the good discovery of new music.

Judging from the video posted above, I look forward to hearing more by this artist.

Jay-Z in court for allgedly using the beat of “Khosara Khosara” for his hit “Big Pimpin'”

Today, Jay-Z and beat-maker Timbaland were in court, facing off against the descendants of Baligh Hamdi, who are alleging that part of the song “Khosara Khosara” was used in the 1999 hit “Big Pimpin'”.

Jay-Z’s main argument in the matter is that credit was given for the beat in the liner notes.

According to an NBC News article, not at issue is whether the descendants take issue with the “adult lyrics” contained within Jay-Z’s song.

I love it when two of my worlds collide

On the most recent episode of Doctor Who, the current Doctor, Peter Capaldi (whom some may remember used to play in a goth band) went to great lengths to explain the Bootstrap Paradox.  The bootstrap is an example of an exercise in predestination.  I’ve been looking for the exact speech (or even better, the actual video clip) for a couple days now, but the best I could do was to find an explanation here:


The relevant quote from the website appears below:

“In brief, the Doctor proposes a brain teaser. Imagine you have a time traveler who loves Beethoven and decides to travel back and meet his hero. However on arriving, he discovers Beethoven has not and will not write any of the music the time traveller loves so much. The time traveler, desperate, decides to copy out all of his favorite tunes for Beethoven. The plan is successful. Several centuries later, a certain time traveler is listening to his favorite composer, Beethoven, and decides to go meet the man himself…

The question is: who really wrote Beethoven’s Fifth Symphony?”

Edit:  The monologue finally posted on youtube 10/13/14, albeit in 4 parts:

At the end of the monologue, the opening theme begins, but with a decidedly rock twist.

Now, in brief, an explanation: When I was first discovering music in my late single digits early teen years, The only place my family ever went where music was for sale was the local Pay Less (now a Rite Aid).  I knew many of the names of the bands they had for sale (Beach Boys, Damn Yankees, Bon Jovi, 2 Live Crew), but I thought I’d start with music that had withstood the test of time.  And so, I picked up Symphony No. 9.  I eventually filled in a lot of my knowledge regarding the other artists listed above, but in the late 80s, i knew of (in order): Surfin Safari, that they had a swear word in their name, Dead or Alive, and that they were in trouble for using dirty words in their music (though I was a little young to actually understand them).

I’m not sure I ever listened to the entirety of Symphony No. 9, but I don’t regret that that was my first foray into the world of music which was outside what my parents listened to.

2016 Rock and Roll Hall of Fame Nominees announced


The nominees of the 2016 Rock Hall class were announced this morning.  I have to say, I’m not terribly impressed with the list, although I also don’t know a few of the artists/groups nominated.

For this years vote, I nominated:  Nine Inch Nails, NWA, The Smiths, The Cars, and Cheap Trick.

Nine Inch Nails, because Trent Reznor has been at the forefront of any musical endeavor he has embarked upon for the last 25+ years.

NWA because they deserve to be inducted and if they can’t get in in a year when a documentary is released, they may never be able to get in.

The Smiths because they were one of the most innovative bands of the nascent indie rock scene, and one of the best to achieve a more widespread popularity.

The Cars because, while I don’t dig their music so much, they did undeniably know how to write an earworm of a song.

And lastly, Cheap Trick because I had to pick a 5th band to nominate.

Other artists on the nominees list were Chicago, Janet Jackson, Steve Miller (sans band), Chic, and Deep Purple.

I will write a paragraph about each of the inductees when that list is announced in February.

Pleased to meet you, Mirel Wagner

I put Mirel Wagner’s 2014 album, When the Cellar Children See the Light of Day, on hold at the library many months ago.  I put it on hold pretty much because it was a singer-songwriter and and because it was Sub Pop records.

Today, I received the cd from the library, only vaguely remembering what it was and remembering I wanted to hear it.

Little did I know that the singer-songwriter is from my motherland of Finland, from Espoo no less (I’ve been there!) and was born in Ethiopia.

Pleased to meet you, Mirel Wagner.  This could be the ending of a beautiful friendship…