Not really a Journey fan…

Not really a Journey fan…

But it’s pretty cool that the former lead singer of Journey, Steve Perry, chose to make his return to the stage via performing 3 songs with the eels.

I’ve followed the eels for about 20 years now, and rarely have they let me down.  Their “with strings” version of Dirty Girl is one of my most played song in iTunes.  Nobody could have seen this coming.  Well played Steve…


At least 3 of my nerd elements collide in one 5 minute video

Somebody just gave me a clip that parodies Doctor Who and Rocky Horror Picture Show at the same time. Science fiction, so bad they’re good horror movies, and music all in the same place.
Yeah, so what if the people can’t sing. It’s worth it for the part where the Dalek’s show up. Trust me…

Cover: St. James Infirmary Blues

St James Infirmary is a classic blues song of unknown origin. It was first made famous by Louis Armstrong in 1928. It tells the story of a lover dying in a hospital.
I picked Hugh Laurie’s version because he was in town at the Parmount this last weekend. A co-worker who was in attendance said it was one of his favorite concerts he had ever attended.

Mostly un-heralded PacNW bands

Satisfact was a post-hardcore band in the 1990s from Olympia.  They released 3 albums between 2 local record labels.


Unwound was a post-hardcore band from Tumwater.  They released 8 albums between 1991 and 2001, mostly on the Kill Rock Stars record label.


Some Velvet Sidewalk was a lo-fi band from Eugene, OR.  They released 9 album between 1988 and 1999.  Kurt Cobain’s then girlfriend Tobi Vail was a member of Some Velvet Sidewalk in 1990 when the DC band Scream took them out on tour.  At that time, the drummer of Scream was Dave Grohl.


It’s hard out there for a nerd

Last night, I got my chance to get up on stage with Bob and the Dangerous Brothers to introduce them at their 10th anniversary show and say a few words about a song I co-wrote 19 years ago that is still being performed by them.

I attempted to outshout the crowd , which only led me to be flustered.  I told them that I wrote the song 19 years ago, and that made it 34 years old.  When in reality it’s me who’s 34…damn it…

I also had to out shout the crowd when I was telling them that there was no doubt in my mind that Dinosaur Pancakes Infrastructure would still be performed in some shape or form in another 20 years.  What I’m particularly proud of, however, is that I feel I nailed the kicking off of the song.

In attempting my best Johnny Rotten voice, I screamed as loud as I could manage into a microphone, “Hello, I’d like to order half a dozen cinnamon rolls” before the band broke into the song proper.  Damn that felt good.  Damn right I co-wrote that song.

This is not true of me, even if country music isn’t my favorite genre

Today I was helping a coworker find a new tag line for their Instant Message software when I came across this great one liner.

“I don’t like country music, but I don’t mean to denigrate those who do. And for the people who like country music, denigrate means ‘put down’.”

Bob Newhart


Some of my favorite artists are Johnny Cash, Merle Haggard, and the Dixie Chicks, but damn that quote was funny.  Now, if only I knew which stand up routine this was from…

Wake Owl

I first heard this band back in December, around the time they released an EP. Their new album, The Private World of Paradise, came out in March, but I got my first listen of it last Friday. It did not disappoint.
I’m officially very much looking forward to hearing more by this group.

Cloud Nothings

I’ve known about the band Cloud Nothings for a couple of years now, since their last album Attack on Reason. That album contained one of my favorite songs of 2012, Wasted Days.
It contained the refrain “I thought I would be more than this”.
Ten years into my career, I thought I would be more than I am.

Anyway, I checked the new Cloud Nothings album out from the library today and expectations were high. There are only 8 songs on this album, meaning it barely meets the definition of album versus EP (Extended Play).
The above video was the stand out track.