2016 Rock and Roll Hall of Fame Nominees announced


The nominees of the 2016 Rock Hall class were announced this morning.  I have to say, I’m not terribly impressed with the list, although I also don’t know a few of the artists/groups nominated.

For this years vote, I nominated:  Nine Inch Nails, NWA, The Smiths, The Cars, and Cheap Trick.

Nine Inch Nails, because Trent Reznor has been at the forefront of any musical endeavor he has embarked upon for the last 25+ years.

NWA because they deserve to be inducted and if they can’t get in in a year when a documentary is released, they may never be able to get in.

The Smiths because they were one of the most innovative bands of the nascent indie rock scene, and one of the best to achieve a more widespread popularity.

The Cars because, while I don’t dig their music so much, they did undeniably know how to write an earworm of a song.

And lastly, Cheap Trick because I had to pick a 5th band to nominate.

Other artists on the nominees list were Chicago, Janet Jackson, Steve Miller (sans band), Chic, and Deep Purple.

I will write a paragraph about each of the inductees when that list is announced in February.


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