From the vaults: The Surfing Brides

When I was 15, my family took a trip to San Diego/Los Angeles/Disneyland.  By this age, I had discovered alternative music and spend one of the first nights in our hotel room searching for a station similar to Seattle’s KNDD.  What I found was KROQ during their nightly countdown.  I knew many of the songs from Seattle radio, was a little surprised that “Immortality” by Pearl Jam was on the radio down there, but not up here, and heard one song on their countdown I’d never heard before.

The name of the band was The Surfing Brides, with their song “Everything’s Fine”.  I never really learned much about the band, and they don’t even seem to have a Wikipedia page, but this song was so catchy to my teenage mind that I’ve got a copy of the song on my ipod.  Recently, the lines which have been stuck in my head are:

“If the world was gonna end in an hour and a half/would you want to get dirty/would you wanna take a bath”

“Would you call up your mother/would you call up your ex/would you walk up to strangers and ask them for sex”

No idea why this came in to my head, but I felt this was a perfect occasion to share a song.


5 thoughts on “From the vaults: The Surfing Brides

  1. I love that song (“Everything’s Fine”). I’m amazed it hasn’t been picked up in an advertisement of some sort. (Maybe it has and I just don’t know it)

  2. Used to see these guys regularly at a pub in Westbourne Park, London (early 90’s) and they were some of the best musical nights of my life. Sean Kelly is an amazing songwriter and the whole band clicked brilliantly at that time with Aimee on drums & occasional lead vocals, a double bassist who I don’t know or Drew on electric bass, Jez on Guitar and Sean singing and playing his trusty strat. In the earlier days they were a bit on the rockabilly side but evolved to be more indie rock. One song I remember well was Right Fender Einstein – about a guy who couldn’t find where to put the gas in his car ha ha – classic observational skills of Sean. Sadly i don’t think that song along with some others of the period are available recorded anywhere. However the Sparky’s Dinner album is well worth getting hold of and there is an older EP around also. They toured as a support act in the US for Simple minds I believe – and got a lot of air time during that period.

  3. I remember that one! Going through old cassettes I taped from the radio there it was…forgot about this song. It was recorded from Planet 96 3 Detroit during a countdown show sandwiched between Hey man nice shot by Filter and Shine by Die Warzau. Loved those days…I lived in Ann Arbor.

  4. Thanks for sharing. In the early 90s at Michigan state I discovered this band. They are great i wonder what they are all doing now? I did a little research and one member worked with simple minds. I dont know if i like train to shame or everythings fine more but they are 2 great songs.

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