Grant Hart: 1961 – 2017

The drummer for seminal Minneapolis punk band Husker Du, Grant Hart died a couple days ago of liver cancer.

He was the driving force behind some of the bands most well known songs, such as the below:

Fuck cancer y’all…


Jessi Zazu: 1989 – 2017

Lead singer of indie alt-country (whatever genre label you want to put on the below) band Those Darlins has lost her battle with Cervical Cancer.



Fuck cancer, y’all…

Cover song: Gas Chamber

It’s been a while since I wrote a piece about a cover song.  The subject of this composition is punk band Angry Samoans and their song “Gas Chamber”.

Originally recorded in 1982, the song (I think) compares being trapped in one’s own thoughts to the feeling of being locked in a gas chamber.  For some perspective, Angry Samoans also had songs with titles such as “Homo-Sexual” and “They Saved Hitler’s Cock” on the same album.

Fast forward to 1995.  Nirvana had disbanded with the death of Kurt Cobain and the alternative rock world was waiting to see what Krist Novoselic and Dave Grohl were going to do with their notoriety and influence.  Enter the Foo Fighters (which, when I first heard the name, I thought it was the Food Fighters, because I didn’t understand the Foo reference) with a song that was a crisp 60 seconds and rocked my teenage ears.  It wasn’t for quite some time, several years in fact, that I realized that it wasn’t an original song.

The song saw it’s official release on as the b-side to “Big Me” in 1996, before being included on the 2004 compilation Rock Against Bush vol. 2, and later saw a vinyl released on the Foo Fighters cover set Medium Rare which was released as part of Record Store Day in 2011.

Over 20 years after first hearing it, I’m still waiting for the Foo Fighters to rock this hard again.  That’s not to say they haven’t put out some good singles through the years, but damn if nothing has met my expectations for what I was hoping a Dave Grohl fronted project would sound like.

Drowning in the Sound

Amanda Palmer just released a track to benefit those victims of the flooding in Houston.

Available here the track is about the multi-faceted response to disasters.  I ❤ Amanda Palmer and have since her Dresden Dolls days, so I was very eager to donate $5.00 to the Texas Diaper Bank in order to make this song my own.

100% of the proceeds through September 2017 will benefit the Diaper Bank.  Please show your support!

And now, ladies and gentlemen, for your aural pleasure, The Dresden Dolls: