It Was 20 Years Ago Today…October 1997

The Flaming Lips:  Zaireeka

Zaireeka is a concept album released October 28, 1997.  The release came in the form of 4 CDs that were meant to be played simultaneously in order to get the whole musical experience.  That idea alone was enough to lead me to pass on this album the first time around.

The album, intended the whole time as an experimental release, contains such stereotypical-sounding Flaming Lips titles as “The Train Runs Over the Camel but is Derailed by the Gnat” and “How Will We Know (Futuristic Crescendos)”.

‘The Train…” sounds exactly like a song experiment is supposed to sound, dissonant instrumentality and multiple vocals without much in the way of lyrics.  It reminds me a lot of what would late be released on Embryonic or The Terror.

“How Will We Know”, while containing actual lyrics, also contains high and low frequencies that caused the album to have a warning that the frequencies may cause the listener to become disoriented.

The eccentricity of the release led to some events known as Parking Lot Experiments, where multiple stereos were set up in an attempt to play the album as a singular piece.  With the proliferation of music editing equipment on laptop computers, the album was eventually mixed into a single piece of work.

Additionally, the album was released as a 4 LP set for Record Store Day 2013. Flaming Lips continue to be a going concern in the music industry, drawing large crowds and playing several festivals.


Fats Domino: 1928 – 2017


One of the last of the original breed of rock ‘n’ rollers, Antoine Domino, Jr. passed away at 89 of natural causes.

Rest in Peace

Holy S#!+ Dude!

This is all over the internets right now, but Eminem just unloads on Trump in this 4+ minute clip.  For those who may not know, rapping without a backing track is called a cypher, which is what he’s doing in this clip…

Welcome Back, Brand New!

It’s been a while since I’ve done a Welcome Back segment, but I just picked up the new album by emo-punk legends Brand New.  Science Fiction is their first album in 8 years.

Please listen to “Jesus Christ” from their excellent album The Devil and God are Raging Inside of Me, from when I first fell in love with them and needed to hear more.

My 2018 Rock & Roll Hall of Fame Selections

Today, I got my annual email from the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame Museum, asking for my “fan vote” for the 2018 inductees.  Below is a list of my selections with a brief description of why I picked them.

Depeche Mode:

By and large, I’m not a huge fan of a lot of the music that came out in the 1980s.  Two exceptions are Depeche Mode and Joy Division.

The MC5

Before Iggy Pop, before The Ramones, Before Velvet Underground…there was the MC5.  As long as they are nominees, I’ll be selecting them as one of my choices.  “Kick out the jams, motherfuckers!”


Because they are one of those bands that sound completely unlike anybody else.  Thom Yorke’s vocals are and instrument in the band, something very few bands can say about their lead singer.

Nina Simone

Because she’s a freaking legend and this is, believe it or not, her first HoF nomination.

The Zombies

Because this is one of the fucking classics of all time, and the band who wrote it deserves some love.  They deserve more recognition than “that band that wrote ‘time of the season'”.


Yes, this means that I did not vote for Rage Against the Machine.  I believe they’ll get in within the next few years, but I had to vote for Depeche Mode, MC5 and Nina Simone.

Cover song: The Sign

This morning, while listening to my carefully curated Pandora channel with the babies, this odd cover cam up.  The cover band it The Mountain Goats, they of some of my favorite lyrics (think “The Best Ever Death Metal Band in Denton”, “This Year” or “Love Love Love”) covering 90s pop stalwart “The Sign” originally by Ace of Base.

The song came from the EP Songs for Peter Hughes and later on Bitter Melon Farm, was recorded by the band in 1995.  And by the band, I mean John Darnielle the singer.  For most of their history, The Mountain Goats have been a single member lo-fi recording act, only expanding to a full recording band and studio equipment within the past 3-4 albums.

For reference, (sigh), here’s the original:

And “Love Love Love” from The Sunset Tree by The Mountain Goats:

Macklemore sings “Same Love” at Australian Rugby League finals


Leave it to the rapper who wrote a gay rights anthem in support of Washington, his home state in 2012, to bring the song to Australia in the middle of their ballot initiative to legalize same sex marriage across the country.

I’ve got friends who disagree with my definition, but this is the most “punk rock” thing I’ve seen or heard all year.

Good on you, Mr. Haggerty.  Now, how about a re-release of the 7″ single?

Tom Petty: 1950 – 2017

The legendary singer and songwriter was found unconscious in his home and rushed to the hospital.  After doctors found no brain activity, the decision was made to pull the plug.  Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers recently completed their 40th anniversary tour, billed as “their last big tour”.

Rest well, Mr. Petty.