Eagles of Death Metal member criticizes Parkland survivors

Jesse Hughes, you stupid piece of shit.  Don’t you realize that by criticizing the Parkland school shooting survivors, you just trivialized the members of the night club shooting your band were involved in, including yourself?

It pains me to know that i paid for the PJ/EODM benefit single, featuring a Pearl Jam cover of “I want you so hard” backed with Matt Cameron’s “I love you all the time”.  At least all the money went to the survivors…but then again, you stupid asshole, those people apparently “survived nothing”.

I know you’ve got your own problems to work through, after being part of an attack in a Paris nightclub, but this is the wrong way to go about it.  I think, you of all people should understand that.


Stephen Hawking: 1942-2018

Apart from his voice appearing in not one but TWO Pink Floyd songs, Stephen Hawking cemented his place in pop culture by having such a good sense of humor about his place in the world.

In what seems to be an unwittingly fitting tribute, BBC4 will be premiering a new radio drama of Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy, in which Hawking plays the book:

Don’t Panic

you will find Stephen Hawking in “Weird Al”‘s library:

And but of course Nice Peter & Epic Lloyd did Hawking vs. Einstein on an episode of Epic Rap Battles of History…

We are just an advanced breed of monkeys on a minor planet of a very average star. But we can understand the Universe. That makes us something very special.


Mr. Hawking, you were indeed something very special.



“Love is a hill worth dying on”

As one-half of a mixed-ethnicity relationship for the last 8+ years, I immediately liked this poem/song.  Micah Bournes frequently speaks truth to power.  For his most recent album, he is doing a lyrical analysys for each of the tracks.


I would like to thank my parents for, when I told them I had begun a new relationship (remember, now 8 years ago), they asked what color hair she had.  My response was “she’s black” and they were a-ok with that answer.

Love is a hill worth dying on.  I enjoy walking down the street with my family, where the kids we have in tow don’t look like the product of both of us.

Happy Birthday, Dr. Seuss!

Theodore Geisel may have died in 1991, but today he would have been 114.

And it is on his eleventy-fourth birthday that I wish him a happy one.

“Unless someone like you cares a whole awful lot/it’s not going to get better/it’s not”

The Sneetches got really quite smart on that day.
The day they decided that Sneetches are Sneetches.
And no kind of Sneetch is the best on the beaches.
That day, all the Sneetches forgot about stars and whether they had one, or not, upon thars.

“It came with out ribbons, it came without tags, it came without packages, boxes or bags!”