“Magician’s Assistant”

I’ve posted a few videos from this UK rap duo before, but this one is getting posted because it came up randomly on my ipod.

I’m on a two year mission to listen to every single track in my itunes (currently sitting over 39k) and this one came up for November’s playlist (which i started late last week).

The song is about reminding people that suicide is a selfish proposition because of the lives that are affected by those who are left behind.

The worst day I’ve ever had was when my (now) ex swallowed a bunch of aspirin, which always worked to tear up her stomach, in an attempt to commit suicide because she wanted to give birth to more babies, and I didn’t want that to happen (we have a special needs son).  She, her mom and I stayed up together all night, making sure she didn’t fall asleep.  The next day, I left to go to work.

I have no concept of when this was, but in April 2009, she noted that she had found somebody who did want to have babies with her.  They eventually married and were sent to prison for beating her step-children (his kids from a previous relationship).  I think they had 4 kids in the 7 years or so between 2009 and prison.

Anyway, while this song brings up those memories, it makes me glad that those days are behind me.  It’s better to be hearing a song about those left behind after a suicide than thinking that I might be one of those left behind.


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