Top 50 songs of 2017: #s 50-21

50.  Trust in me (Jungle Book cover)-  Belly

Honestly, I’m just happy Belly put out new music in 2017…

49.  Somebody’s Fetish-  The Magnetic Fields

In a sprawling album, this was the track i liked the most.

48.  Glorious-  Macklemore

Leaving behind Ryan Lewis for the first time since they won all those Grammys, this was a risk for Macklemore, but he did well.

47.  (No One Knows me) Like the Piano)= Sampha

This is such a soulful track about the piano from his childhood, I took to it immediately.

46.  Modern Act-  The Cloud Nothings

If for no other reason than for the line “whose ware is this/what god is that”.

45.  Back to Eden-  Shawnee Kilgore & Joss Whedon

When I heard Joss, creator of Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Dollhouse & Firefly, was writing music, I had to make it mine.  Glad I did.

44.  Pride-  Kendrick Lamar

For all the hype surrounding DAMN, this album cut was the one that stood out to me most.

43.  Walk It Back-  The National

My favorite track from the new National record, and the first time one of their tracks has failed to crack my top 20.  Better luck next time guys.

42.  The Night David Bowie Died-  Lily Hiatt

An emotional track from the daughter of a country legend, detailing what she felt hearing the news that Ziggy Startudst had returned home…

41.  I Don’t Wanna Die in this Town-  Old 97’s

The best track from the followup to my favorite album of 2014.  Not bad, just less my thing.

40.  Small Hands, Small Heart-  Amanda Palmer

A scathing indictment of president cheetoh’s handling of Puerto Rico, whose citizens are American, after being slammed by two hurricanes.

39.  The Shadows-  Fantastic Negrito

One of two tracks on a re-release of his Grammy winning album.

38.  Little Again-  The Secret Sisters

A nice little song about wishing to be a child again.

37.  Not Anymore-  Nine Inch Nails

From the second of three planned EPs by industrial titans.  Still, their highlight of 2017 for me was performing at the Roadhouse on Twin Peaks.

36.  How We Met, Long Version-  Jens Lekman

When I first heard this song, I was curious where the tale was going, until they got to the part about borrowing a guitar.

35.  The Smug Little Supper Club-  Ted Leo

Lead singer of the Pharmacists writing a song that includes the fantastic line “and all the kiddies at the table sipping vinegar from flutes/you tell them it’s champagne and then you charge them to believe you”.

34.  Not Dark Yet (Bob Dylan cover)-  Shelby Lynne & Allison Moorer

Two sisters lending a country croon to the late era Dylan masterpiece.

33.  It Hits When It Hits-  Craig Finn

Another good song from the lead singer of The Hold Steady.

32.  Smile (f. Phil Ade & Zyla Moon)-  Wale

A song attempting to be hopeful when “a possible bigot slash misogynist is ’bout to run the whole damn thing”.  Good early protest from the Trump era of American politics.

31.  Tartuffe-  Propaghandi

Oh my god, welcome back Propaghandi!  A good punk track about thinking and always being two steps ahead of everybody else.

30.  Crooked Way-  Propaganda

A good track from Christian rapper Propaganda.  Also about the current political climate.

29.  A Message to Shareholders/Kill Your Masters-  Run the Jewels

Run the Jewels wrote, recorded and released this album between the 2016 elections and Inauguration Day.  And they got de la on the mike…again…

28.  Leaving LA-  Father John Misty

The track may be about 10 minutes too long, but it’s a doozy.  Also features the line “if you want ecstasy or birth control/just run the tap until the water’s cold.”

27.  Lips that Bite-  Downtown Boys

A great new punk band that released my favorite punk album of the year on SubPop records.

26.  The Times They Are a-Changin’ back-  Billy Bragg

Released very early in 2017, it aptly encapsulates the 2017 political climate.

25.  Feelin’ Groovy (2017 update)-  Paul Simon & Stephen Colbert

How can you not love a line like “hello lamp post/nice to see ya/might be bombed by North Korea”.

24.  Ravens-  Mount Eerie

Mount Eerie pens an album about grieving over his wife, who had died of cancer.  How can one note feel for the guy.  This album deserves to be on every “best of 2017” list.

23.  Shelved-  The Mountain Goats

A sarcastic song about a record label trying to get an artist to change an album by telling them to make music outside of what they’re known for as a band.

22.  All American Made-  Margo Price

A good barn burner of a country track from one of the most vital country artists out there today.

21.  Creature Comfort-  Arcade Fire

For all the flaws of the new album, I couldn’t help getting this song stuck in my head for a good portion of the year.


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