What if John Lennon left The Beatles in 1962?

This isn’t exactly a new/recent short film on youtube, but it was just given to me about a week ago and I thought I’d share.

The film is set in 1992 and has a 52 year old John Lennon trying to make it as a temp in an office environment.  While on his way to work, he sees an advertisement for The Beatles Live at the Manchester Apollo.  I wanted to take the time to list their “hits” listed on the poster, most of which The Beatles never actually recorded.

Ding Dong

Mull of Kintyre

Yellow Submarine

C Moon

You’re Sixteen

Mary Had a Little Lamb

How Do You Do What You Do To Me


Mull of Kintyre was eventually recorded by Wings in 1977:

As was C Moon

As for the others, I can’t imagine The Beatles recording “Ding Dong” or “Mary Had a Little Lamb”.  Maybe from a fictional children’s album (which would also kind of make sense for “Yellow Submarine”.

Anyway, alternate history is usually reserved for “what if the South won the Civil War” or ‘what if Germany and Japan won World War II”, so it was refreshing to see the genre used in a less war-centric story.


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