36,000 songs!

I discovered last night that my itunes library had surpassed 36k songs.  I made a playlist back at 25,000, but have now made another one, choosing 100 songs per 2000 chronologically, for an 1800 song playlist.  Below are the 10 best songs added to my itunes since i surpassed 25,000 in June of 2014.

10. I encapsulated the human experience in a 10 second song-  self defense family

9.  I wanna get better-  Bleachers

8.  A new wave-  Sleater-Kinney

7.  Baby blue sedan-  Modest Mouse

6.  Witness (f. Mavis Staples)-  Benjamin Booker

5.  At the seams (#blacklivesmatter)-  Kimya Dawson

4.  Close your eyes (and count to fuck) (f. Zack de la Rocha)-  Run the Jewels

3.  Perfect day-  Lou Reed

2.  Short Movie-  Laura Marling

  1.  Longer than you’ve been alive-  Old 97s


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