It was 20 years ago today….February 1997

White Town:  Women In Technology

Let’s face it, if you’ve ever even heard of the band White Town, it’s for their only hit, which came from Women In Technology.  The song is titled “Your Woman” and when it came out in 1997, it sounded utterly unlike anything else on alternative radio, and for two reasons. (link doesn’t seem to pop up youtube video, sorry)

First, the “hook” of the song is a sample of an old jazz tune, which puts it out of sync with guitar based rock music.  The sample comes from Al Bowlly’s “My Woman”.

From the town of “My Woman”, the White Town song almost seems like a response to the track, proclaiming that “I could never be your woman”.

Which brings me to the second thing that made the song sound unlike other songs on the radio…the fact that the song is sung my a clearly masculine voice.  White Town’s only member is Jyoti Mishra, and he has explained this fact by stating that the song is supposed to be interpreted through several lenses:  that of a gay man in love with a hererosexual man, that of a man in love with a lesbian (which is how i see the song), and that of a man in love with a lying Marxist.  Really, all three perspectives work.

Before I leave, I’m going to try and give a link that actually shows the video in my review.

Jyoti continues to perform as White Town, having released an album as recently as 2011.  The latest single, “Oh, David”, was apparently released in November 2016.


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