From the Vault: “Godzilla ate Tukwila”

This may be the most obscure “From the Vault” I will ever do, but I’ve got a story to tell and felt like telling it so here goes.

I used to listen to this song with some regularity on Music with Moscowitz, a weekend variety show on 106.1FM in Seattle (at the time it was a country station).  It played parodies and silly songs (“Fish Heads”, “Yoda”, “The Dueling Dorks”, etc) and this was one of the local favorites.

When I first started collecting music, this was one that eluded me for quite some time.  Only a few years ago did I discover why.  I had been spelling T-U-K-W-I-L-A with the same craft as Godzilla, with L-L.  It wasn’t until I saw the spelling of the city that I was able to find the song on the internets.

Dave Phillips seems to have put out one album and a couple of singles, but it is this track that will forever be tied to his name.


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