Worst song of 2016

There was really nothing else in the running this year.  This is the only song I heard for which I made note that it must be included on my “worst song” list.  Sure, other songs were bad, but this one actively angered me.

Candlebox, why in an era of mass shootings and police brutality, why in the fuck would you make a song about being tougher BECAUSE you have a gun???

I wanted to like your new album, but this one threw that want right out the window.

Now, I’m an anti-gun carrying person.  I have never shot a gun, and I have no intention of doing so, but this brazenly insensitive take on carrying around a gun “for protection” struck the wrong chord with me and has stuck in my craw ever sense.

Now, to cleanse my palate, here’s some of their fine work from the 90s:


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