An open letter to Zach de la Rocha

To:  Zach de la Rocha

CC:  Tim Commerford, Brad Wilk, Tom Morello


With the inauguration of Donald Trump about 2 months away, those of us who are still grappling with that reality need some good, high energy raging against this machine.

Mr. de la Rocha, I know that you have been working on a solo album.  “Digging for Windows” sounded amazing and I can hardly wait to hear more.  The rest of your band mates were busy over the summer performing with Chuck D and B Real as Prophets of Rage, and it sounded great, but it felt like an essential ingredient was missing.

What is needed to happen before January 20th is an announcement of a day long, free concert in Washington DC by (and I’m throwing out several possibilities here, fully realizing that some people would be pulling double- or triple-duty):  The Nightwatchman, Prophets of Rage, Run the Jewels, One Day as a Lion, Public Enemy, and Rage Against the Machine.

After that point in time, we need a full blown reunion of RATM, getting back into the studio and Raging against some fucking machine.  If you all could fill three of the best albums of the 90s with material from the Bill Clinton years, imagine what will come out of the Trump years!  Pump out albums right on top of each other.  Flood the radio with singles about mass deportation, screening immigrants for religious backgrounds, taking people off health care rolls, limiting access to abortion rights…the list could go on for entirely too long.

Alternative Rock radio sorely needs a hardcore liberal moral compass with a built in fanbase these next four years .  There will be plenty of incidences to insight rage, rebellion and  point out indignities.  Few artists are in a better place to provide than you are.

The Prophets of Rage concerts at the RNC and DNC over the summer were entirely justified and necessary.  Their motto was “Make America Rage Again”.  We still need that and what better place than here, what better time than now.



Seattle Music Nerd


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