Top 6 Rocky Horror Songs

Like an elitist, I’m going to pretend that the remake of this timeless classic never happened.  However, since it’s Halloween and I haven’t posted for over a week, and because 5 didn’t do the soundtrack justice, here’s a quick rundown of six songs from Rocky Horror Picture Show that everybody should know.

6.  Time Warp

Most everybody’s introduction to the world of Rocky Horror, as it has received the most airplay through the years.

5.  Sweet Transvestite

The song directly following Time Warp in the soundtrack.  Tim Curry at some of his greatest.

4.  Touch-a Touch-a Touch Me

The dirtiest song of the movie by a mile.  But dangit if it isn’t a load of fun to sing.

3.  The Floor Show

This has become one of my favorites because it contains the line that, to me, is the whole point of the movie and the reason it endures.  “Don’t dream it/be it” is a fantastically simple line that encourages people to be exactly the people they want to be.

2.  Dammit Janet

Brad loves Janet so much, the square will even utter a curse word for her…over and over again.

1.  Science Fiction Double Feature

I’ve been a Rocky Horror fan for 22 years now, since fledgeling network FX showed it back-to-back. I watched it both times.  As I got older, I used this song as a template for classic science fiction movies that should be watched.  It sets the audience in the right mindset and reminds them not to take the movie for any more than what it is.



And of course the best track from the Rocky Horror “sequel”:

My dad’s name was Denton, and at one point in time, my gf and I were jokingly trying to organize a flash mob of this song for him…


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