My 2017 Rock Hall Ballot

I cast my fan ballot for the 2017 Rock & Roll Hall of Fame Induction.  I was a little disappointed that both The Smiths & Nine Inch Nails, who were on last years ballot, weren’t on this one. That said, there were some welcome possibilities.

Below are my 5 choices for 2017 induction and rationales for each selection:

Bad Brains:

An African-American band from Washington DC who played punk music faster and louder than nearly anybody else.  They also encouraged audience interaction and expression, thereby creating, as singer HR dubbed it, the “mash pit”.


German electronic band who started in 1969. In the US at the time, it was all CSNY & Jimi and an electronic band gets started in West Germany.  Modern electronic music owes this band a gigantic debt of gratitude.  Plus, they had enough style to have had their own freaking modern art exhibit!


Formed in 1965, the same year a Rubber Soul, MC5 were a Detroit band who, upon releasing their first album in 1969, cemented their history as some of the progenitors of the punk rock movement.  If this band doesn’t get in, I expect the next band below to do them proud.

Pearl Jam:

Nirvana’s Nevermind is known as the jewel of the grunge scene, but it’s Pearl Jam’s Ten that has actually sold more copies.  Cobbled together from the ashes of Mother Love Bone and Green River, they are a band who have never forgotten that they need to keep their fans happy.  They regularly play 3 hour shows, they release all their concerts on official bootlegs, they take care to cultivate vinyl releases for their audiophile fans.  This is one of the inductees I expect to be a shoe in for honorees next year, and well deserved.

The Zombies:

The Zombies were part of the British Invasion of 1964, scoring hits with “She’s Not There” and later “Time of the Season”.  It is their immortal and trans-generational track, “This Will Be Our Year” that made me fall in love with them, and gave them the vote over other artists on the ballot.  And they’re still at it over 50 years later.



I fully expect that at least a couple of these won’t make the cut.  I mean, Janet Jackson and Tupac are on the ballot.  Outside chance that Jane’s Addiction gets in, but I’m guessing they’re got a few years.  Next year, Doctor Dre, Radiohead and Rage Against the Machine become eligible.  Rock Hall, get ready for some raucous gatherings.


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