It was 25 years ago today…”Teen Spirit” released

Smells Like Teen Spirit, the song which would signal a cultural change in the modern rock scene, was released to radio stations for airplay.

The popularity of grunge would largely fade after Nirvana was no longer a going concern, but to show the lasting effects of the Seattle music scene, here is a list of things that have happened since 2015:

  • A movie featuring Cobain home videos and excerpts from his journals was released to theaters,
  • A soundtrack of Cobain sound collages and work-in-progress tracks was released as a solo album,
  • Mad Season, a supergroup consisting of members of Alice In Chains and Pearl Jam, performed with the Seattle Symphony Orchestra,
  • Chris Cornell, lead singer of Soundgarden, released his solo album, Higher Truth,
  • Hole’s seminal album, Live Through This, was re-released on vinyl,
  • Pearl Jam celebrated their 25th anniversary as a band with a series of stadium shows,
  • Temple of the Dog, a supergroup consisting of members of Pearl Jam and Soundgarden, will be re-releasing their album in September.


Yes, grunge music existed before Nirvana brought the scene national attention, but without Nirvana’s legacy, none of the above happenings would have been possible.  We in Seattle would still have found our “Touch Me I’m Sick” and our “Jesus Christ Pose”, but instead grunge exists in the collective consciousness.  Nevermind is currently enjoying its 332 week on the Billboard Top 200 charts, making it the 8th longest tenured album in the history of those charts.


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