Three great bands want me to give them all my money

Today was a busy day for my music news emails.  Between 10:30AM and 12:10PM, I received three emails telling me about things I already know I would want to spend my money on.  In chronological order of how I received the emails:

Bright Eyes is releasing a box set of his entire discography on vinyl…at the low low price of $130.00.  I already own I’m Wide Awake, It’s Morning, and one of these days Digital Ash in a Digital Urn will be mine, but this sounds like a good deal for a 10LP set.

My Chemical Romance sent out a cryptic email of a video, titled MCRX, which features a white flag with a Fleur de Lis (a symbol of resurrection) with 09/23/16 at the end of the video.  Their album, The Black Parade, came out 10 years ago this October.  Here’s to hoping that they’re getting the band back together…and by the band, I mean “The Black Parade”.

Temple of the Dog, the side project/tribute band that featured members of Pearl Jam and Soundgarden, will be embarking on their first ever US tour this fall in celebration of the 25th anniversary of their album.  Tickets for their Seattle show at The Paramount Theater are $95 and go on sale next Friday.


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