Welcome to Seattle, Kimya!

First bathroom foot shot in the new Seattle apartment!

A post shared by Kimya Dawson (@kimyadawson) on

As my girlfriend asked me the other day, I have now confirmed via relatively easy search of the internets that Kimya Dawson, former member of The Moldy Peaches and all around awesome person, has recently moved into an apartment in the Ballard neighborhood.

Welcome to Seattle, Ms. Kimya Dawson!  I don’t get to that neighborhood too often, but if I happen to see you there, I may be unable to stop myself form asking if I could give you a big hug.  You’re one of my favorite current singer-songwriters and i can honestly call several of your songs “beautiful”.

All:  Here’s an early version of “All I Could Do”

And a few more of her best output:


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