Kanye West video “Famous”

Among other things that i missed while i was on vacation was the press release for the Kanye West video for “Famous” off his recent album The Life of Pablo.

The video, which recently was released to the public via Kanye’s youtube account, features wax figures of people who have had some sort of relevance in the life of Kanye West.  Whether it be Taylor Swift (whom Kanye interrupted during an acceptance speech), George W Bush (whom Kanye famously stated doesn’t care about black people), or Ray J (who, pre marriage, made a sex tape with Kim Kardashian, now Kanye’s wife).

I think the point of this video, and I certainly don’t understand the sunrise artistry at the beginning and end of the video, and 4 minutes of looking at figures “sleeping” (they’re wax figures, not the actual people) is a bit much to hold my attention, is that Kanye feels his life is being laid bare and is on display for all to see.  This connection is made because he is a public figure and as such, receives press about some of the more mundane aspects of his life that wouldn’t be news in the lives of other people.

A valid bit of artistry and a valid comment on celebrity/tabloid life.  Gotta say though, love me some Rihanna…


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