Thomas Fekete: 1988 – 2016

Thomas Fekete, guitarist for the rock band Surfer Blood, has died from Sarcoma, an aggressive form of cancer at the age of 27.

Fuck cancer, y’all…

From his gofundme site, in which he and his wife were asking for donations to help with his cancer battle:

“Our sweet Thomas passed on last night, peacefully in his sleep, holding my hand. With one last sigh, he let go of the burden of pain and suffering that he has been bravely carrying for so long. I am full of comfort knowing that he is now free, and long for the day I get to be with him again.

May we all carry on Thomas’ legacy by being the very best versions of ourselves for the rest of our days, and do as much as we can to help others in his honor. If we can strive to be half the person Thomas was, this world will be a better place.

Now, my beautiful angel, go find Bowie and jam.”

Jessica Fekete


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