Like a warm apple pie…

I got sent this article about Apple Music deleting files from people’s computers and putting them in the “cloud”…making the only way said people can continue to listen to them ‘continuing to subscribe to Apple Music”

Apple Stole My Music, No Seriously

When I bought my Macbook, I had to acquire a program which would access the songs already on my ipod so I could temporarily store them on a desktop computer, which I then used to transfer the songs to my Macbook.  The result was 10,000 songs which I had painstakingly taken from my CD collection and hand entered the album title, artist and track listings for each song.

I’d just love to see Apple tell me that my files don’t match their version of the files because my mp3’s taken from my own CD collection don’t match exactly with their mp3’s.

Wow…sure am glad I never signed up for Apple Music.


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