RSD 2016 Want List

The 2016 Record Store Day list came out today, and while there are only a few things I’d like to have from the list, the one that I want the most is probably the one everybody else in Seattle wants too.  Here’s my want list:

Green River:  1984 Demos

The earliest recordings of the first grunge band, featuring members who would go on to found Mudhoney and Pearl Jam.


Matthew Sweet:  Goodfriend (Alternate version of Girlfriend)

A 2LP set of alternate cuts, demos & live tracks from Matthew Sweet’s most famous and fully realized album.


The Sonics:  Live at Easy Street

For last year’s Record Store Day, The Sonics gave a live performance at West Seattle’s Easy Street Records.  The iconic forefathers of the entire Seattle music scene were paid their respects by having Mark Arm of Mudhoney and Eddie Vedder of Pearl Jam come on stage to perform with their idols.  Mastered for vinyl by Jack Endino.  Everybody in Seattle who loves records is going to be wanting this album.


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