Five funny love songs

I’ve had this idea for a while, but it was unexpectedly difficult to find other lists of funny songs about love.  As a result, the songs I have been able to come up with may not exude “Valentine’s Day” sentiment, but I had fun with the list.

Because, why not.  After all, it’s kind of where i got the idea for the list in the first place.

Sure, it’s a comedic song about how bad somebody feels when their significant other goes away, but being a comedy song, you don’t expect a straight conclusion, do you?

Maybe not so much “funny” as “put on by the Muppets”, but I did say I was having fun with this list.

The list of things contained within this song are supposed to be impossibilities, which is exactly the intent of the song, but I’m pretty sure this one still counts.  Not so much any more, but as a kid, I used to love watching and following baseball.  We didn’t have local television, so my choices for teams I could follow were Atlanta Braves (TBS), or the Chicago Cubs/White Sox (WGN).  I picked the Cubs because I thought it was cool they couldn’t play night games at home because they refused to put flood lights in Wrigley Field.  I also thought it was cool they allowed the buildings surrounding the stadiums to profit share their seats.  I haven’t watched a baseball game since the Cubs almost made it to the World Series several years ago, but if they ever go, I’d be one of those fans right back on that bandwagon.

Probably the best actual song about falling in love I’ve got on this list.  Mostly funny when you know the characters singing and dancing.


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