An open letter to Billie Joe Armstrong


Mr. Armstrong-

Last week, I heard a story about Enfield High School in Connecticut had cancelled a planned production of the musical American Idiot, allegedly due to some of the students being concerned about the production.

You wrote a scathing letter to the school board, stating that these kids understand what they were undertaking, they are capable of tackling the subject matter, and to be afraid of the controversy surrounding the production as an excuse to not proceed amounts to censorship.

On Monday, I spoke with a friend at work.  I explained the story and her response was “Billy Joe should go to that high school, help them put on the production, and make sure it’s the best high school music production ever…just to show the person who shut the production down that kids do understand the subject matter AND can cope with it.”

Mr. Armstrong, follow her advice.  Spend some quality time in Enfield High School and show the school board they’re wrong.  Do something for those kids.


Seattle Music Nerd



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