England considering changing their National Anthem

Word has it that England is considering adopting a new National Anthem.  The United Kingdom’s national anthem is “God Save the Queen”, but apparently Wales and Scotland have their own anthems to play during international events, while England only has “God Save the Queen”.

In a vain similar to this post, I would like to offer a few suggestions.

Queen- “Another one bites the dust”.  Why?  Because when you win in international competitions, shouldn’t this be the song played in victory?


Oasis- “Live Forever”.  Why?  The writer of the story above suggests “Wonderwall”, but I think this would be more apropos from an international standpoint.

And the obvious choice:

Sex Pistols- “God Save the Queen”.  Why?  Think about it, you wouldn’t even have to change the name of your anthem!  If anybody asks why you made the change, you could just reply that your national anthem has always been “God Save the Queen” and utterly, totally mean it.  Do this England!  I’d love to hear the song begin blaring in a stadium when somebody wins a gold medal.


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