Top blog posts: 2015

At the end of the year, I like to take a look at what were my most popular posts of past 365 days.  I find it interesting what actually connects with the huddled masses, what people keep finding throughout the year on my site.

  1.  My most popular blog post, with 56 views, was when I chose to research (and ultimately failed) the date of the 1992 Deck the Hall Ball, featuring Evan Dando & Sarah McLachlan, because Dando allegedly jammed with Kurt Cobain around the same date of the show.  I searched through several months of The Rocket magazines at the library, sent an email to the Sarah McLachlan camp (receiving a response that they couldn’t remember the date), and ultimately somebody else from LiveNirvana got in touch with Dando via Twitter in order to determine the date.
  2. My vinyl review of the My Chemical Romance Greatest Hits collection keeps getting views.  I wrote the post in March 2014 and it got 34 hits this year.  I’m still hoping the title of the album, May Death Never Stop You, turns out to be prophetic for the now-defunct punk band.
  3. I seem to still be the only site on the internet which features the lyrics to the Self Defense Family song “I Encapsulated the Human Experience in a 10 Second Song”.  I’m kinda proud of the fact this keeps getting views; 33 views, including already today.
  4. On November 18, I received word that my dad had died, after a long battle with various cancers (the 4th one was what got to him).  That day, I poured my eulogy into a blog post of songs and stories that reminded me of who he was.  It was my most viewed day of the year, with 119 views, mostly from friends and family members snooping around my site.
  5. I’m a little embarrassed that I keep getting views for my posting of a video for the piano version of “Yoshimi Battles the Pink Robots”.  I think it’s because the title is “Here’s a BBC Piano version…”, leading people to think I have the song available for download.  19 views of something they can find on Youtube, when my original reason for posting the song was the 2014 April Fool’s trailer for a movie based on the song.

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