Top 5 Not Christmas Songs

Bah Humbug everybody!  Below is a list of songs that, while associated with Christmas, make no overt mentions of Christmas.

5.  Happy Holiday-  Bing Crosby

From the movie Holiday Inn, this Bing Crosby classic is trotted out everywhere during the month of December.  However, there are no mentions of anything relating specifically to Christmas, unless of course the only holiday that has ringing is Christmas…

4.  Jingle Bells- James Lord Pierpont

Written by a drunken man about racing sleighs down the street, Jingle Bells has become a Christmas staple.  Check out the forgotten verses about the best kind of horse to hitch to your sleigh (verse 3) and best of all, finding a woman to take on a sleigh ride only to have the sleigh be upsot, a term which either means “overturned” or “intoxicated”.  The song was written to be sung by children, but in the 19th century was thought to be too racy.

3.  Winter Wonderland-  Richard Himber

Written by a person dying of Tuberculosis who was watching people walk and play in the snow outside his window, the song never mentions anything having to do with Christmas.  People, listen up, snow and winter are not synonymous with Christmas.  Humbug!

2.  Over the River and Through the Woods-  Lydia Maria Child (original poet)

If there is any doubt about the original intentions of this song, the original title of the poem was “A New England Boy’s Song About Thanksgiving Day”.  Yes, this song is about Thanksgiving.  In the version above, it even mentions Thanksgiving.  And the original version says they’re going to grandfather’s house.

1.  Baby It’s Cold Outside-  Frank Loesser

Written in 1944 and featured in the 1949 film Neptune’s Daughter, just look at how disturbing this video is.  That man is working way too hard to ensure that she doesn’t/can’t go home for the evening and just HAS to stay with him.  In the second half of the above video, the tables are turned, with a woman trying to get a man to stay.  That doesn’t make the song any less creepy, though.  This song mentions nothing of Christmas.  Being cold and snowing has no corner on Christmas Day.  Plus, this song has earned it’s moniker as “The Date Rape Christmas Song”.


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