R.E.M. – Everybody Hurts

I was looking back through several of my oldest posts and realized that, among my 25 favorite songs (from back before I thought of putting in Youtube videos), the only one I haven’t covered in detail is this beautiful song.

In 1992, the year after grunge took over the airwaves, R.E.M. released a gorgeous album titled Automatic for the People.  In an era of gritty videos, snarling guitar and howling lyrics, Michael Stipe sings about feeling alone…as tenderly as possible.

This song has helped me through many a rough time, and is sure to help me through many more.  The album is high on my list of vinyl Holy Grails.  The song is in my top 35 most played tracks.

Plus, there’s the video, which shows people in a traffic jam.  You get to read their thoughts.  Then, you see them all leaving their cars.


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