Legendary concerts

The Beatles-  Rooftop concert Savile Row 1969.  They hadn’t performed in concert since 1966, and now they were performing new songs…for free…


Jimi Hendrix-  Woodstock.  Because…duh…


Nirvana-  Reading 1992.  After rumors that Cobain was too sick to play their largest concert to date, Cobain took to the stage in a hospital gown and proceeded to blow the crowd away.  Their all time ever best concert ever.  Yes there are two “ever”s in that sentence, yes it is justified.


Bob Dylan-  Newport Folk Festival 1965.  The event that changed rock music.  All of a sudden, you could talk about important cultural issues AND play an electric guitar.  Think for a minute about how revolutionary that was.


Queen-  Live Aid 1985.  Queen was given 30 minutes in the middle of the day at Wembley Stadium.  30 years later, this is pretty much all I know about Live Aid.  Freddie Mercury owned the day.


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