I’m disturbed by people today

I was having a discussion with a younger employee today at work.  They were wanting to move out of their parent’s house in Lakewood (military-family town, near a military base) and closer to work (downtown Seattle).  Them being younger, I suggested that they should try Capitol Hill, a younger-persons neighborhood near downtown Seattle.  It has a bunch of shops, restaurants, bars, etc.

Their response was that they lean more to the right and they didn’t want to move to Capitol Hill because that’s where all the gay people live.  I was both floored and astounded.  This is 2015.  This is a city that has a gay mayor.

But I couldn’t stop thinking about the opposite.  My girlfriend and I are a mixed race couple and we wouldn’t want to live in a state like Idaho, where we may run into neo Nazis who love their guns.  Am I being hypocritical?  Are my choices to live in a liberal haven similar to the co-workers desires to not be around the gays?  Or is their aversion closer to somebody saying “I don’t want to live in that neighborhood because of all the black/Asian/Muslim people”?


Please, anybody who reads this post, respond with your thoughts.  I’m very curious whether other people think the same way I do.  I live in an ethnically diverse neighborhood, a run down neighborhood to be sure, but I don’t feel unsafe here.  I can’t imagine picking a neighborhood (or not) just because of the people you may run into while in your neighborhood.


2 thoughts on “I’m disturbed by people today

  1. In my opinion, I think your coworker is being narrow minded. Our world is changing & it will change with or without these people; it’s better to a accept, if not embrace. I’ve never thought about not living in an area because I may encounter those who might not have the same values, morals or skin color. But given it a little bit of thought, I don’t think that would stop me, because not everyone I would meet would have different ideals as me. I truly believe there are good people everywhere.

    • Thanks. I agree the world is more beautiful when there is diversity around. In 6 years, the only comment my girlfriend and I have ever received as a mixed-ethnicity couple from a stranger was from a security guard while we were walking down the street.

      His comment was basically, “Excuse me, I don’t know how long you two have been together, or anything about you, but if you decide to have kids, they’re going to be beautiful”. Again, not quite the same, but having people who accept others for their choices is so much better than the opposite.

      I really hope that people who don’t know me find this post and leave comments. I’d love to have a vibrant discussion.

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