Happy Hanukkah, Y’all!

I was made aware of this fact just before Thanksgiving, but have put off posting about it until Hanukkah actually arrived.

Say what you want about Adam Sandler as an actor, as a comedian, or as a singer, but he has done a lot through the years for bringing joy and pride to Jewish people young and old.  As of mid-November, there are now 4 versions of his Hanukkah Song (I still like the original the best, but each have their moments), he has an animated movie titled Eight Crazy Nights, and he reminds kids who may be disappointed that their religion doesn’t have as high profile a celebration as the ubiquitous Christmas season (do we really need 2+ months devoted to one day of the year?), but that doesn’t mean they’re alone.

My highlight of this track was, “It’s cool that Santa Claus makes Christmas so merry/but we get two jolly fat guys/ice cream’s Ben & Jerry, both Jewish”.


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