I got a present today

So with my anniversary coming up in a couple of weeks, my girlfriend ordered me a record she was too excited to sit on for several weeks.

Turns out, what she was excited about was the new Beat Happening compilation, titled Look Around, which features many of their best songs on two LPs.  Now, I alread own their album Black Candy on vinyl, it was my Olympia-centric purchase when we were on vacation in the city last summer, but this was completely unexpected.  I haven’t listened to it yet, but it features all their singles, from their debut “Our Secret” to a 2000 single titled “Angel Gone”, which I have never heard before.

Doing some research, I came across this very punk rock quote, so I had to find the source.  Calvin Johnson said during a concert in 1992 “We’re Beat Happening and we don’t do Nirvana covers, they do Beat Happening covers.  Let’s get that straight”.  How punk rock is that??

Turns out, Domino Records will be re-releasing the entire Beat Happening catalog in 2016.


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