Cobain’s solo track “What More Can I Say” gets Nirvana-ized

As a member of, where I am a frequent lurker, but infrequent poster, fellow member Daniel Bar took the time to use the multi-tracks from “Heart Shaped Box” to do a mock-up of what this Kurt Cobain demo track may have sounded like if it had ever received the full band Nirvana treatment.  Might I take a moment to say Mr. Bar did a fantastic job, the drums sound exactly like a full band version may sound (Ok, so obsessives can tell the drum parts are from HSB), but the dubbing sounds completely natural.


For those of you wondering why I haven’t yet reviewed Montage of Heck – The Home Recordings, patience.  I’ll be reviewing my highlights of the album in my 2015 in review and the standout track is most certainly making my Top 50 songs of the year (spoiler alert!).


In the mean time let me say that, “What More Can I Say” was added to the credits of the film Montage of Heck near the end of the theatrical run.  While all the albums on the deluxe edition are extremely lo-fi, it’s exactly what was intended to be put out as a companion to the film; a complex look into the mind of one of the greatest songwriters of his generation, who in less than 10 years as a musician (I’m going from earliest demo tapes to final demo recordings), left an indelible mark on the landscape of modern rock music.


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