New additions to my 100 favorite songs list

I recently have been contemplating re-vamping my 100 favorite songs list, which was one of the first posts I ever made on this blog.  Well, today i did it and surprised myself that 8 new songs made the cut.  Ok, well, most of them aren’t “new” per se, but i was surprised the number was so high.  Rather than focus on the negative (namely, which songs got kicked off my list), I’m going to write a sentence or two about each of the new songs.

American Idiot-  Green day

For politically minded music-philes, this song was unavoidably catchy in the 2004 election cycle.  Green Day reinvigorated their career by putting out an album which symbolized so much of what the “youth” was thinking in the early days of the Iraq war.

Blue Red & Grey-  The Who

Eddie Vedder introduced me to this song, and for that I am eternally grateful.  There is a hidden complexity to this song, some people have their favorite parts of the day, but the narrator is so awestruck with the complexity of life, he loves every minute.

Boxcar-  Jawbreaker

This song blows my mind because it’s railing against those who insist that punk rock has some sort of required suit or lifestyle, yet those in the same scene revere this song as one of the greats of the era.  I wear a collared shirt and dress pants to work, but can rock out to Rancid or Titus Andronicus with the best of them, and all but those too stuck up to see that I’m just as entitled to dig the scene as they are wouldn’t even think twice about seeing me do so.

Bridge Over Troubled Water-  Simon & Garfunkel

I’m actually surprised this one didn’t make my original list.  This is one of those songs that people may rail against because it’s overplayed or what have you, but there is a magnificence to the song that transcends time and genre and will forever be considered a classic.

Cancer-  My Chemical Romance

I’ve already posted this song twice this year, so there’s no need to post it again.  This song starkly captures the mindset of somebody who knows they are dying of cancer, that they look worn down, and their thoughts on mortality.

Same Love-  Macklemore & Ryan Lewis

This song encapsulates a moment in America within the last 5 years or so, and this performance from 2012’s Grammy’s was Macklemore’s moment to shine.  For years, he has been a known quantity in Seattle hip hop, but he’s now a major player in the nation’s socially conscious music and rap scene.

She’s Leaving Home (mono)-  The Beatles

I’ve liked this song from Sgt. Pepper, but when I first heard it in mono, only slightly sped up, was the moment I realized that in some instances mono is better than what I came to know of The Beatles through the 1987 cd releases.  Plus, the lyrics are about a young person being free and experiencing the world for the first time, but told from the perspective of the grieving parents.

Two of Us (“naked”)-  The Beatles

When Paul McCartney stripped away the Phil Spector production values of Let It Be, this was the clear standout track, in my opinion.  McCartney swears he wrote the song as a love song to his wife, but it feels more like a love song to Lennon.


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