You Remind Me of Home

Benjamin Jeremiah Gibbard is one of my favorite songwriters.  As lead singer of Death Cab for Cutie, he has taken an indie act to international stardom.  As the lead singer of The Postal Service, he made one of my favorite albums of all time in Give Up.  As one of the singers on Jenny Lewis’ Handle with Care, he made one of my favorite cover songs.  And then he’s released a couple of songs as a solo artist.  He released a cover of Beat Happening’s “Indian Summer” on the “About A Son” soundtrack, which he curated.  He also released a track called You Remind Me of Home on a split EP.

My girlfriend gave this song to me in mid-2010, after less than 6 months of us dating.  She said that, for all the rough edges she wants to smooth, I remind her of home because of the faults she finds and the comfort she feels being around me.  For all of the cracks in my outer coating, the creeks on my insides, and the surroundings only an inhabitant could love, I make her feel like she belongs near me.

She reminds me of home too.  Anybody who takes life too seriously and doesn’t laugh at my dumb jokes, I don’t have time for.  She may take issue with the fact that my skills at cooking and dish washing aren’t up to par with hers, but I have similar likes and can follow her lead on gardening projects.

Love, you remind me of home, too.


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