Putting a couple of songs up for posterity

Bouncing Souls-  Here We Go

A fantastic song about the trials and tribulations of a punk band touring the US in a band that barely runs.  I saw them in concert once, and they played both songs I very much like by them back-to-back.

Dead Milkmen- Bitchin’ Camaro (live 10/31/09)

Settle down and get comfortable for this one.  The beginning of this song is perfect for ad libbing, and the lead singer took his time with this one.  Originally, it’s banter between two people about the new car his parents drove back from the Bahamas.  Here, it’s a long rambling rant about “liberating” the corpse of the guy who played Tattoo on Fantasy Island.  But the important question to ask is, what kind of car were they driving…


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