Favorite songs from 2010 – 2012

2012:  NOFX-  I’ve got one Jealous Again, again

This song doesn’t have an official video and i’m not sure they’ve ever played it live, but this song covers the hurt of a break-up and the love of music at the same time.

2011:  Frank Turner- Eulogy

“…well i haven’t always been a perfect person/and i haven’t always done what mom and dad have dreamed/but on the day i die I’ll say ‘at least i fucking tried’/and that’s the only eulogy i need.”  The lyrics last 50 seconds, but they don’t need to last any longer.

2010:  Cee Lo Green – No One’s Gonna Love You (Band of Horses Cover)

I knew this song beforehand, from the first Band of Horses album, but Cee Lo turned a lush strummer into an R&B anthem.  When this song came out, I’d been dating my girlfriend for several months, and this song just did it for me.

Honorable mention:  Kimya Dawson-  All I Could Do

This song came to my attention a few weeks after I moved in 2011.  It tells the story of a person who has troubles in her life, whether it’s pregnancy or stage freight or whatnot.  The song says all she can do is be a good mother, but it still struck a nerve with me doing hard things while trying to be a good father.


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