100 greatest songs, part 5, May 1997 to Present

I believe that I have some explaining to do.  There are several songs considered the best that are  not on my list.  There is no “Stairway to heaven” or “Let it be” or “Smells like teen spirit”.  These songs are all good, but they don’t mean all that much to me.  I’m so tired of hearing Teen Spirit top music lists that I could scream.  I love Let It Be, but gimme a break, I’ve got like 8 other Beatles songs on this list.  Stairway to Heaven is good, it’s most definitely a classic, but it just didn’t make my list (yeah, I know and New Bad Things did, your point?).

No surprises-  Radiohead     A perfect encapsulation of the feeling of withdrawing from society that is strewn throughout OK Computer.

Soon forget-  Pearl Jam     Vitalogy allowed Pearl Jam to expand their grunge palate enough so that Soon Forget is a fan and concert favorite.

What we worked for-  Against me     The likes of this song have made more than a fucking dollar and went far beyond a demo tape that was played until it broke and remembered only for what it was.  Practically my rallying cry and must be shouted while you play it loud.

Another first kiss-  They might be giants     I originally heard most of this song as First Kiss on “Severe Tire Damage”.  I’m so glad they turned it into a slow love song, it definitely was allowed to flourish in this setting.  Also, it was officially released on September 11, 2001, so that’s kinda cool…

The best ever death metal band in Denton-  The Mountain Goats     I’d love to know whether The Killers actually took their name from the lines of this song.  Hopefully people who read this look this song up,  Hail Satan, with your devil horns raised high!!!!

Drunken Lullabies-  Flogging Molly     When I first heard this song on the radio, it blew me away.  I gave it to a punk rock-loving friend.  It was then that he told me I didn’t like Flogging Molly when he introduced me to them on their previous album.

We’ve been had-  The Walkmen     This song could have been made in 1960 and I’d never have known the difference.

Do you realize??-  The Flaming Lips     To me, this should be exactly as well known as “The End” by The Beatles.  Yeah, I said it.

Hurt-  Johnny Cash     1)  The highest praise I’ve ever heard of Cash’s version was Trent Reznor saying that he didn’t feel that the song was properly his any more.  2)  Johnny Cash is the only artist on my list to have a song from 3 different decades.

Keep me in your heart for a while-  Warren Zevon     A song about how it feels to know that you’re dying.

Girl anachronism-  Dresden Dolls     My introduction to a cabaret punk act that featured a guy on drums and a girl on piano.  “The attention just encourages her”

Such great heights-  The Postal Service     Electronic music with a heart.  In my mind, something new and exciting that has no equal.

‘Merican-  The Descendants     A punk rock telling of the history of the colonization of what became known as the United States.

Dry your eyes (f. Chris Martin)-  The Streets    My favorite song of 2000 through 2009.  The lyrics are perfectly aligned with the theme of the album on which it appears.

Bleed like me-  Garbage     “Hey baby, can you bleed like me?/You should see my scars”.  Everybody has scars, even if they don’t appear on their skin.

Modern girl-  Sleater-Kinney     I got into Sleater-Kinney late.  I knew of “I wanna be your Joey Ramone”, but this song made me an eternal fanboy.  If they got back together, I’d stand in line for tickets hoping that I could hear this song in concert.

Dirty Girl (with strings)-  The Eels     I first heard this version when I wasn’t sure where my current relationship was going, but i knew it was something that I wasn’t ready to come to an end.  It seemed to speak directly to me.

Parade-  Pretty Girls Make Graves     “MUTINY”

Not ready to make nice-  The Dixie Chicks     Country band responds to international criticism by saying “suck it” as eloquently as possible.

Someday-  Tegan & Sara     “Mark my words, I might be something someday”.  My favorite song of the last 4 years and I love it because I desperately want people to acknowledge that I enjoy what I do and am pretty good at it.


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